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Clay Detox?

Clay masques are an ancient beauty secret and for good reason. Clay works wonders for our skin. This superhero exfoliates, softens, draws out toxins & impurities, minimizes pores, banishes oil and combats stubborn acne. Clay is limitless for circulation and a fantastic way to absorb excess oil in the skin. Even if you don’t struggle with oily skin or clogged pores, clay masques can still offer a detoxifying experience and hydrate your skin.

Our step by step process allows you to easily apply clay masques in targeting you breakouts or those clogged pores. A clay masque is perfect for T-Zone Nose, Chin, Forehead) which are more prone to breakouts because everyone has larger pores in that area that tend to get clogged easily.

Multi-masking is where you layer more than one masque, applying different masques to different parts of the face at the same time. Your skin will have different needs and concerns, think oily T-Zone (Nose, Chin, Forehead) vs. Dry Cheeks, Neck. Mono-Masking is so yesterday.


Kaolin Clay Masque

✓ Great for Sensitive Skin
✓ Mild Exfoliation
✓ Absorbs impurities
✓ Circulation Boosting
✓ Helps Relive Acne

Alumina Silicate Sea Clay

✓ Great for Dry Skin
✓ Ideal for clearing hyperpigmentation
✓ Unclogging pores
✓ Hydrates & Moistures
✓ Ideal for Dry Areas like cheeks & neck  

Mediterranean Cacao

✓ Great for Normal Skin
✓ Anti-aging properties
✓ High in Antioxidants
✓ Keeps skin clear & hydrated

Activated Charcoal 
✓ Great for Oily Skin
✓ Acts like a magnet to draw out impurities, blackheads & breakouts
✓ Ideal for acne or T-zone areas; nose, chin & forehead
Applicator Brush
✓ Metal Free – Metal will react with the clay reducing most of its healing properties
✓ 100% Organic Bamboo Brush Fibres
✓ Perfectly weighted
Mixing Bowl & Spoon
✓ Made with 100% Organic Bamboo Fibres
✓ In built “Fill Me” line so you know just the right amount to mix,
✓ Collapsible - Perfect for travel