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  • This pure White Clay Masque is most suited to dry skin. It is calming, cooling and softens the skin. Mined in Queensland, this clay is ideal for sensitive and irritated skin, dull complexions and sufferers of Rosacea.
    Overall, KAOLIN CLAY  Clay when used regularly, provides the following benefits:
    1. Acne fighting properties
    2. Cleanses and absorbs impurities 
    3. Boosts circulation to combat fine lines
    4. Heals and soothes skin
    5. Suitable for all skin types
    Contains 100g (4 + Applications)
    Claytox is organic and vegan friendly, used and loved by all skin types. Your Claytox pack contains up to 8 face masques or 1 body masque.
    To get the most glow out of your masque, follow directions below:

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