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Organic Bamboo Headband

  • This high quality 100% organic bamboo headband will pick your hair up, and hold it neatly out of your way so that it doesn't cause problems when using Claytox.

    It works with short or long hair, and makes your Claytox application treatments easier to handle & reducing frustration, and get yourself ready in less time.
    Super absorbent bamboo fibers protect from moisture, and the soft finish, and gently snug hold.

    All are made from the finest organic raw materials, naturally anti bacterial, anti fungal, odour resistant, hypoallergenic, strong and durable.

    Bamboo is a sustainable, renewable material that is more versatile then nearly any other plant product on our planet.
    Thank you for choosing our bamboo products we can help save the rainforests, eliminate wastes and lower carbon emissions all at once.
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